Mo’s story

Personal mantra:  Throw peace through sports. Never stop chasing your dreams.

Mohamad was born in Aleppo, Syria on July 23 1993, where he lived with his family.

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Bron : Nieuwsuur 2016, “we were not scared, we are good swimmers”

Due to the war Mohamad couldn’t finish his study at Tishreen University in Latakia, where he studied sports education. Daily life and reaching for his Olympic goal became impossible. He decided to flee to Europe. Mohamad is currently residing in Hannover, Germany.

By attaining his civic integration course and receiving his diploma, he accomplished one goal. However, his main goal right now is maintaining his focus on his sport career and training for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

Whenever Mohamad is not training or racing, he likes spending his time with friends, listening to music, reading or watching movies.

11062036_787640801355205_574164199282631245_nAt a very young age Mohamed was already introduced to sports. His father, being a good swimmer and swimming coach, taught him how to swim and how to love water when he was only 6 years old. Growing up, Mohamad wanted more – he wasn’t tired after his swim training so he started running.

Taking every opportunity in high school to run off and enjoy sports made his parents worry about his grades. His dad wanted him to spend more time on studying and less on sports. However, even when he dropped Mohamad off at school (and only leaving when he was sure his son went inside) Mohamad would leave the school through the back door and go for a run.

Being able to go to university he had to prove to his parents that he could keep up his grades. Never wanting to give up sports, Mohamad studied hard, spent maximum time on training and worked in a restaurant. That didn’t leave him much time for sleep, but by making his parents proud of his success in both study and sports, made him incredibly happy.

In 2015, daily life and training in Syria became so dangerous that Mohamad decided to flee. Taking him away from everybody he loved, having to deal with an uncertain future and not knowing if his family he left behind would stay safe.

On his journey  to Europe, with in his backpack, his Syrian triathlon suit and running 12020031_819014614884490_712138470393883214_nshoes, Mohamad faced a lot of obstacles. Going from country to country, from refugee centre to refugee centre, it took him almost two years to get some stability back into his life.

During these two years he never gave up and kept fighting for his future and sports. Even after days of walking and being tired arriving at a refugee centre, he would put on his running shoes and run…..

Proudest moments: Making my family proud. When I hear my name and my country’s name during competition. After arriving in Europe, participating in the Premier League and Bundesliga.

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One of these proud moments……….


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